Compared to what we were a century ago.

Womenhood have made a huge progress women have started being financially independent, girls are provided education…. But if we keep it honest for a moment, ARE WOMEN TRULY INDEPENDENT?

Actually I don’t see women are truly independent as men for example. Personally, I see the meaning of independence in a bunch of life’s aspects, not just in the case of being able to get an education or being able to work…(BASIC THINGS). Even tho 88% of females worldwide had primary education compared to 91% of males “ACCORDING TO THE GLOBAL GENDER GAP REPORT2020″.

My question is are we truly living with complete freedom? A girl doesn’t feel safe at night, she also has the least freedom of wearing what she wants and also in some countries in our time some women need their husband’s permission to work as for example in BAHRAIN, CHAD, JORDAN, QATAR, UAE…………

We all have being created as independent creatures, thus I really hope that shiit change for the best and women will find her equality, independence(100%)…. As men in our society.

So I hope y’all enjoyed it and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts down below //TAKE CARE//



  1. There is a long way to go for women to gain complete freedom in many countries including mine. But yes situation is improving and hopefully will keep changing for better. However, it is going to be a long journey .
    Stay blessed always

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    1. Great question ⁉️
      Personally i don’t think that a human being in general is truly independent in all life’s area even if we were created as an independent creatures but actually when it comes to women independency we are far from Independent but I really hope things change……🤍

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  2. 💜 The Problem is SISTERHOOD!!! Competition; the Solution is Simply SISTERHOOD!!! CoOperation, pretty simples really…ummm; may Be Very Complex


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      1. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

        💎 I Hear YOU!!! SupaSoulSis yet, as a Writer, I Wonder about “equality” as a word; for example there ARE many female athletes who outclass me, a male…yet I outclass them in Intellect; to the extent of “NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN!!!” basically No More Communication; so, for Me it’s about “equitability” that recognises limitations, SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis

        💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎


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  3. I think now a days women are doing very well in different fields and yes the situation is going to be good .But for complete freedom the women have to go long way. Very well written nice post 😌💓👍

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  4. Some great thought! Women need some more empowerment. The countries you mentioned are Islamic countries, so their religious beliefs hold them back from independence. Hence; women need permission for just about anything.

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    1. Thank you so much…. 💜
      Nahhh actually is not a religious thing at all… Islam never said to hold any creature from independence the thing is cultural not religious, is via versa if we want to talk religiously……

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