1/ The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions.

2/ One bale of cotton is enough to make 215 pairs of jeans.

3/Jewelry was first worn by men, was popular among kings and royals.

4/ Woman’s fashion changed with the invention of cars, so that skirts were made shorter to allow women to step into automobiles with more ease.

5/ Coco Chanel launched the first designer suit in 1923.

First part/ https://wp.me/pbi00q-35

Second Part/https://wp.me/pbi00q-6f

Third Part /https://wp.me/pbi00q-cR

Fourth Part/ https://wp.me/pbi00q-fP


  1. Wow these are real fun facts about fashion that I had no clue about except for men to be the first to wear jewellery fact. Just one bale of cotton makes that many jeans and yet the various brands of denims are just ripping us off. I am sure the manufacturing price is less than half of what they charge.
    Keep posting more such interesting facts! I would love to know them..


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