I love having my own secret space, i love tasting life twice…. It’s been more than a year that i took the decision to dedicate much of my time to the feather, I’m not gonna say that in that year i was consistence i missed some days when I’m not in the mood to do anything.

I write about my happiness,my sadness, my imagination about my favorite author, my favorite movie,my celebrity crush ….about every second that I’m breathing in, i try to write about any moment possible tho. Cause as i mentioned it before I love living life twice.

The appealing things about Writing is that when you put your magical imagination in a peace of paper and it transforms to reality if you live in a fairly tale as me, or when that ineffable feeling of awkwardness and the shame me appears in a year or 100 years later.

I write to my old self, i write to my future self , i write to those people that they gonna discover my holly soul toward a anc . You don’t have to be a professional author / writer… To start putting your magic on a piece of paper just start and let the therapy speak of itself.

To be honest that post is written heart out , i hope my thoughts are not that random. And don’t forget to share with us down below your thoughts// Take care guys//

Author: marouabourni


25 thoughts on “WRITING EVERYDAY”

  1. Hello πŸ‘‹ you have been nominated for the outstanding blogger award. Congratulations 🎊 If you wish to receive your nomination, head over to my blog, read the blog post titled Outstanding blogger award to know the rules. If you’re an award free blog, please let me know.

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  2. Interesting! I have never thought about writing my old self or future self. The only person in this world who has a sincere chance of understanding me will be a past or future me. I don’t care for reading but I can write to the best of my ability. Out of curiosity, do you write letters, poems, or whatever comes to your mind?

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