Only 3% of world population speak 4 languages, and less than 1%of world population speak 5 languages or more fluently. Personally I’m a languages lover I like to learn new languages, discover new accents/ cultures by myself just with myself and internet.

Actually my first language is “Darija” the Moroccan Arabic that’s the language that i speak kind of all the time with my friends, family ….. Darija is a language that is mixed with a lot of different languages as Classic Arabic, French, Spanish, Berber and Hebrew. My second language is French, French is also a familiar language to me cause I live in Casablanca Morocco, and here we use it a lot is an important language in the country due to the French Conolosation in 1912.

So yeah I learned it in school/ society….. My third language is English that actually i learned by my own, even if I had English classes in high school but that’s not enough to master the language.And finally but not least my fourth language spanish that I’m currently in the process of learning it.


1/ The first tip is to never give a pressure to yourself, while learning a foreign language, enjoy the journey until you find that you got the language that you want to learn

2/ Stop downloading a lot of languages apps. Focus just in one thing, one good app i think is enough

3/ Listen to music with the language that you want to learn , trust me it is so freaking helpful, and try once in a week to get a song that you like of that Language and work on it. Actually that method helped me a lot when I was learning English .

4/ Don’t focus on grammar in the beggining when learning a language. Why? Cause it will drive you crazy . First of all learn how to form a clean sentence in that Language and focus a lot on vocabulary and grammar will come with time. Hope y’all get what I want to say .

5/ Watch all your favorite things on that Language . Guarantee it helps a lot / talk to yourself with that Language , try to have a long monologues with yourself.

So yeah that’s some of my tips hope y’all like it. And don’t forget to share with us how many LANGUAGES do you speak. . // Take care//



  1. I’m in the process of trying to speak Spanish fluently. I have taken Spanish classes from elementary through college. Plus my hubby is Puerto Rican and speaks fluent Spanish so him and his family speak it all the time so I’m surrounded by it lol. I understand it but I’m working on being able to have full conversations with people. So I will try out these tips! Thanks for sharing! 😁

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  2. I know 3 languages I want to learn Japanese though. I will once my college entrance examinations complete. The one thing I noticed that we wouldn’t be fluent in a language just with textbooks it might help us but watching a lot of shows like you have mentioned and using that language in our daily life is really important…because we might forget it we need to converse with people who know the language regularly so we could improve, speaking it with ourselves and in our head helps like you said if we don’t have anyone that speaks the language.

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  3. This was a great read however I would contest your point on not making grammar your focus at the beginning of your journey through learning different languages, as you say –
    “Don’t focus on grammar in your (the) beginning while (when) learning a (new) language. Why? Cause it will drive you crazy . First ( When you begin a sentence like this, you can just say ‘firstly’ not first of all, it is more clunky and unnecessary ) of all learn how to form a clean sentence ( a clear & concise sentence is what you should have wrote) in that Language and focus a lot( see ‘a lot’ in this context is grammatically incorrect and my grade 5 English teacher would fail you if that were a test) on vocabulary and grammar will come with time. Hope y’all get what I want to say”.
    Take for example your first sentence, right off the bat, it is grammatically incorrect which ultimately impacts your end goal, and if you’re saying to yourself, who cares? Well you should because you are a ‘writer’ correct?
    No publisher would publish a book with grammar like that is all’s I’m saying dawg. Ya’ll feel me?
    Not to mention it makes you look kind of foolish because considering you typed this on an electronic device, you would have had ample time to actually correct it, yet you did not.
    So where is your pride in representing this language, English? If one cannot be bothered to correct simple sentences, why tread on the ground of foreign languages where the path is even more treacherous?
    While I do understand your point, as a person who comes from a country with over 11 official languages, we all, as South Africans have to pick up very quickly on all the language in our sphere, I do not think there are as few people who can speak as many languages as four as you may think, most of the people I know, know several of their regional dialects as well as tribal dialects quite fluently, they just aren’t making blogs about it so you wouldn’t know they exist, secondly I would like you to ask yourself a very important question, do you want to teach people bad habits? Because that is what you are doing by telling them to ignore grammar.
    While grammar may not be extremely important at first, ignoring it completely or pushing it aside impacts you in the long run, its like learning an instrument, there are always shortcuts to learn things faster and quicker, but you see those people suffer with actual complex pieces when it comes time because their foundation in the instrument was not laid correctly.
    Look at your writing for example, there are so many grammatical errors which makes me wonder why you are learning other languages when you clearly have not yet mastered the one you choose to write in?
    Many people want to learn more languages than they need when they are barely even proficient at one, I would say, get one right, then move on. I am still learning English and I speak it everyday, get my point?
    Do not ignore grammar or push it the wayside because grammar is what separates people who can speak a language from those who can use it, would you build a house on rocky or uneven foundations?
    No, right?
    Because it is destined to fail.
    It is for that same reason that you should not ignore grammar. Because that is what will make or break conversations, they may not say it to your face, but trust me, they’re going to be laughing behind your back when you walk away. Because remember, it is their language, they treat it with pride because it is their culture. You should, if you claim to be as involved in it as you are, show it & treat it with the same respect as though you are the last one speaking it.
    Learning other languages is great, but one should master one before moving onto another, and even that’s debatable, because can one ever truly master a language?
    Oh and if you are going to defend yourself by saying that you do not speak English that well, then I would ask you to ask yourself why you write in English and not your native tongue?
    Overall great read, but ultimately I believe you are chasing something that many in far more learned positions than yourself have warned against, stay tuned to my blog, wherein I will share with you one such individual, referred to as a Polyglot in our times. I would advise you to watch his video and tell me what you think.

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    1. Firstly thank you so much for sharing your thoughts out here. Actually those are just my own tips how i learned English ( That actually I’m proud to have that level that i have right now on that Language by my own in a country that english in not that useful) and how i also learn spanish, and i don’t think that I’m teaching people as you said wrong things cause if someone find my tips not useful for him he’s not gonna use it, and personally i believe that no one can master a language 💯why? cause simply we are human being we can’t know everything everyday is a new day to learn a new thing and to advance in much of things….. in addition to i still working on my English and even my native toung cause as i mentioned a human being cannot master a language 100% because the language it develops with the time….. And personally for me a language is a way for communication the most important thing is that you can get the message, as For example in my post as you mentioned that i have much of grammatical mistakes that btw thank you so much for mentioned it but the most important thing is that you understood my post…. so yeah I hope that i mentioned all my thoughts…..


    2. And why i didn’t write on my mother tongue? First of all because english is a worldwide Language, and second of all cause I love the language and i want to advance my level on it


  4. Learning new languages is fun. And getting to know the culture is the perk. The key is to never give up. And not relying completely on a textbook for learning it. Try to innovate ways like interacting with the natives or watching movies. It helps.

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  5. haha I speak 7 languages and currently learning the 8th, what does that make me?I agree with all your points.I would just add child literature,because for someone wanting to learn a new language it’s just perfect-lots of new words and it’s not that hard on the grammar side.Reading out loud,or listening to a radio from a given country also helps a lot practicing the sound and pronunciation.I think we moved to a very easy time to learn new languages,with podcasts,internet and all.I think the only thing really needed to learn a new language is motivation enough to repeat what we learn.After all,it’s all about repetition,right?

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    1. WoW, That is just amazing keep going me too I’m a Languages lover ….. and thank you so much for adding that point of “Child literature” that is sooo important in the beginning journey of a new Language.And yep I’m totally agree with you it’s all about repatiotion and memorization…. Keep going that’s just amazing👊💜


  6. The fictional village in the Asterix comics is in Bretagne, near Rouen.
    The types of homes in the Asterix comics are based on the style of Gaul homes, and the circular urban planning of the villages on Gaul urban planning.
    Goscinny had lived in Bretagne, he was the co-creator of the comic.
    In the comic, the Gauls beat up the Romans, in reality, Gaul was a Roman colony, where Caesar was when he crossed the Rubicon.
    Charles De Gaulle’s name means “Of Gaulle”..
    Astérix comics have names that end in x, a lot of French words end in x, like deux, mieux, voeux, the x is not pronounced, I think the spelling likely comes from the Gaul language.


  7. Another thing that I think is important about language acquisition is to take time to look back at what you’ve learned. When you look forward, there is always more to learn and master. Especially when you’re starting out, near-fluency seems impossible. But when you look back, you realize that you’re making progress—that you didn’t used to know that expression or you couldn’t makes sense of what native speakers were saying or you wouldn’t have been able to read the menu in a French restaurant or you couldn’t have read that graphic novel 6 months ago. And with each milestone, whether big or small, rejoice!

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  8. Growing up in India, which has 22 scheduled languages and countless dialects, I’ve learnt three languages organically, as I grew up. The first one is Bengali (my mother tongue), the second is English (my medium of education) and the third is Hindi.

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