TOXIC Femininity is when women use their gender to obtain certain privileges, or when empathy turns into ethical shortsightedness.

Typically the best example about it the movie “MEAN GIRLS”

TOXIC Femininity is when woman use her sexuality as manipulation to take what she wants from a man, or the invalid critics about men…… A lot of people think that women are not aggressive as men But y’all wrong we are, just we share it differently. For example when a man have a certain conflict with other man typically he use physical violence , push them in the face and i think the problem is resolved and maybe they will share a beer together after….. But females honey we share it so differently in this case actually 90%of the time we use mind game, manipulation, gossip, spending rumours , body shaming……. That’s what I call the psychological torture.

TOXIC femininity is also critics on women a woman critic another woman and all what it includes jealousy, envy …..the way we hurt each other

TOXIC femininity is also that woman that she’s insecure about her womanhood so she needs attention from man to feel validated ( You don’t need attention from anybody, you are enough) or the woman who thinks that her place is just as a housewife…..

I’m so curious to see y’all thoughts down below. And let me know if you want me to talk about toxic masculinity// Take care guys//


  1. I’m curious your thoughts on what brings those traits out in a woman? Fo you think it is a result of living in a “man’s world” and having to adapt to survive or is it informed on a case by case basis? I feel like there was a time in my life where I was toxic on this level buy as I matured I lost that part of myself to some extent. Do you think that toxicity changes and evolves with rising maturity levels?

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    1. first of all thank you so much for sharing ๐Ÿ’™. Personally I think that the lack of encouraging each other and also due to lack of self confidence that brings those treat out in a woman btw don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that all woman are toxic or they have lack of self confidence….. but kind a the majority and also the fact that we live in a man’s word. Yeah I do think that toxicity changes and involves with rising maturity level, cause when the person see his Toxic treats or whatever subconsciously the person wants to change in the best way possible / Take care/

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  2. Having gone to a women’s college, I can definitely say this exists. As I said, being at a women’s college separates the women from the girls and (in non-gender specific terms) the adults from the children. Some people treated that place as if they were in high school. It wasn’t just what you mentioned, but also excessively using terms like (excuse me but) slut, bitch and whore as if they were okay for women to use to each other. As I also say, people remember that October 3rd is Mean Girls Day, but no one remembers the line “You have all GOT to stop calling each other sluts and whores! It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores!”

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  3. Wow this is the most needed conversation of the hour. Yes it important to review how feminism is being portrayed and viewed in the mainstream media. Toxic femininity is as true as toxic masculinity. In recent times, the idea of masculinity has been going through a paradigm shift, as women we need to make sure our fundamentals regarding feminism are not getting polarised.

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  4. This is so well written thank you! I hate it when women use i am a women and weak card like 2 mins ago you were ready to fight the heck out of me and now u turned weak before a guy u like? I mean this definitely isn’t pointed at everyone uk like they are some girls who play damsel in distress when they are actually not. Again this is not for everyone plz do not take offense this is for some people.

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  5. Sometimes these toxic feminity puts other girls down rather than helping their confidence and also because of this I get judged by other guys. They think that being feminist makes me unreasonable and I support one women…well that isn’t feminism tho.

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  6. This totally exists and people tend to only talk about toxic masculinity! They both exist and Mean Girls is a perfect example. Thank you for starting the discussion!

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  7. As someone who attended a college where there with only 5 girls in the class, this is very true. Girly tend to be the harshest criticts to each other. Especially when we are not as pretty, delicate, soft as what we are expected to be. This post was a refreshing piece.

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  8. While I don’t disagree that the phenomenon is a thing, I think this article kinda downplays the systemic/social component of this kind of behaviour. Like a lot of discussion about toxic masculinity is about the ways in which it perpetuates bad behaviours, and I think the discussion of ‘toxic femininity’ is a bit lacking without that kind of systemic discussion.

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  9. Toxic feminity is not a widely discussed topic. People are busy discussing about the dominant patriarchy.
    We often fail to put light on topics like violence against men and egging them on to commit suicide, mental tortures on men and cases of money extortion.
    We have an article shedding light on the plight of men at the hands of the so called “feminists”. Do take a look.


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