TELETUBBIES is kids show that personally reminds me of my childhood…. a lot of people find that show boring and weird but unfortunately, behind an innocent kid show there is a heartbroken story

so the Teletubbies is actually based on an institute for the mentally disabled in Bulgaria named “LALALAND ” actually I don’t know if it is her real name or just a nickname but anyways so in this institute, there are kids that been abandoned by their parents and also the people that they were working there were treating those kids so badly.

so the show is based on a group of 4 children who all die on the same day in a terrifying way
Those 4 kids had congenital malformation that makes them smile all the time that called ” ANGELMAN SYNDROME”

THE FIRST KID TINKY WINKY 8 years old was deaf that’s why he’s parent abundant him his real name is unknown one-day TINKY WINKY decided to escape from this institute due to the bad treatment but unfortunately the people that they work there they caught him and as a punishment, they tie his feet with the bed so he wants to defend himself so he bit them and the punishment was pulled out all his teeth and be stuck in a dark cold room he was in that way until his color becomes as purple that’s why the character in the show is purple

THE SECOND KID DIPSY he’s real name is DONKA so DONKA he can talk but he doesn’t know how to cause no one before talked with him DONKA was throwing up all the time all the food that he eats he vomer it after he’s a disease is unknown …that’s why the character is green

THE THIRD KID LALA also her real name is LALA she lived 5 years in a cold room until she lost her mind LALA likes dancing she was dancing all the time without music so one day those fuck people that work there decide to break her leg cause she bothered
them with her dance in some articles they say that her dream was just to be outside and to see the sun cause she never been outside that’s why in the beginning of the show it has that weird sun

so LALA due to she never catch the vitamin D and being tied on a bed in a cold room her color become more than pale as yellow that’s why the character is yellow

THE FOURTH KID PO her real name is POLINA one day the hospital was on fire and POLINA she burned out that’s why the character is on red

so what happens after? the other kids in the institute were afraid of those 4 kids( LALA.POLINA.DONKA.TINKY WINKY)cause of their disease ” ANGELMAN SYNDROM” so they put them all in one room to not meet up with the other kids. IN their rooms they had TVs on day the nurses tell them that they will take out asap all the TVs in the institutes cause it cost for them the electricities.

So the 4 kids were very sad cause the tv was the only thing that makes them happy so they decided to Robbed 4 knives and 4 TVs and to hide them in their stomach unfortunately that what they did so after the horrible people that they work there they find them sinking in their blood

SO that’s the real story behind the show WHAT DO YOU THINK? I also read that the children’s right organization helped financially to produce the show as a tribute for these 4 beautiful innocent souls.Waiting for y all thoughts down below!!!


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