First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all of you guys hope that will be better than the previous one and that fck covid disappear from earth…… Let’s start this year with god’s blessing and much faith

As any 1st January I like to put on a piece of paper; my thoughts from the previous year or more exactly what I learned in these 12 months. So I said why not to share with y’all some of it…

\\NEVER SAY THAT THING WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME\\ Basic example i said like that covid will never catch me cause i protect myself, i wear my mask ,i don’t go out a lot ….. but in the end I caught it Y’all se what i mean?

\\ I also learned to be more patient I’m in my exact place right now\\

\\People come and vanish from your life the only person that you stay with is your own damn self\\

\\ I also learned to prioritize myself more and more always to put myself in the first place\\

\\The human being just leaves good or bad memories that’s why should be kind and do the best you can in life before leaving it \\

So if you feel like share with us too one or as you want of your thoughts from that previous year.\\TAKE CARE GUYS\\



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