Imagine that we live in a world that only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful; 8 out of 10 women are unhappy with their bodies; 68% of women say they feel worse after looking in women’s magazine and 40% of men are unhappy with their appearance ALL THAT SHIT DUE TO TOXIC BEAUTY STANDARDS

So toxic beauty standards is the beauty standards that society put like for example at that time the meaning of being beautiful following the society standards is like to be (curvy\ big butt\ big boobs\ big lips\skinny …………)

you can’t be hairy, you can’t be fat,you can’t have wrinkles, you’re nails are ugly, you’re skin is too pale or too dark ,you’re natural hair is not pretty you should straight it……… You are never enough society has always her own standards specially for a woman

That’s why guys never from ever let society influence you with her shitty standards and fuck up your mental health due to bullshit y’all gorgeous for real uhh just the way you are PERIOD. We are all different looking but equally beautiful

Make your own damn rules and follow them our unique features are what makes us beautiful \\I CAN’T THINK OF ANY BETTER REPRESENRATION OF BEAUTY THAN SOMEONE WHO IS UNFRAID TO BE HERSELF\\EMMA STONE

Be obsessed with y’all own self \ TAKE CARE GUYS\


  1. Well i call them (well not exactly me i am just generalising) good looking people( they are not even good looking man you could say them as sexy ).

    There is a difference betwwen good looking and beautiful and people confuse it one for the other.

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  2. Well-written! I recently wrote a speech on this very issue, and the statistics blew me away! It’s terrible that discrimination due to these beauty standards still occur, and media reinforces them. Thank you for speaking out.
    – TishGirl❤️

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  3. People need to belong. So, when they don’t find value within themselves they turn to the outside. Instead of improving your physical and mental health, knowledge, skills…bringing awareness, it’s easier to pump the lips a bit and you’re instantly welcome to society.
    But the question is, What’s next? Nothing lasts forever, so what happens when big lips become boring and your skin is left stretched …? Just an example…

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    1. Ahh actually if you talk about the kim k one and the hadid’s one…. like the first pic is showing THe Toxic Beauty Standards that the society put and the second one is showing that also those people that everyone is obsessed with them ….. are not that beautiful naturally they all passed by plastic surgery../ Hope makes sense 😉/


      1. Thanks. But still an image of a non conventional beauty would have added more substance to your post. Whether to critique, but you indirectly used the same conventional standards as indirect promotion. Sorry, I liked the content but was not able to accept this duality. No offence 🙃

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