Lately been watching that kind of videos on YTB so i had the idea to do it on my blog. I’m gonna explain the concept i’m not good at explaining but i’m gonna try to do my best. So the concept is that me now i’m gonna ask some questions to myself in 5 years and in 5 years i’m gonna answer the questions \HOPE MAKES SENCE\

SO me now in 2020 i’m 18 years old in 5 years i’m gonna be 23\ STILL YOUNG HAHAH\ so see you guys in 5 years for the answers


1 FIRST OF ALL, how are you?

2\ Did you graduate from college?

3\ How you doing with blogging?

4\ Do you speak spanish fluently?

5\ Did you start learning a new language? Dutch for example??

6\ How’s your mental health?

7\ Are you proud of yourself?

8\ Did you become a journalist?

9 \did you study abroad?

10 \What’s your next move? Your plans??? TELL ME EVERYTHING

LOVE that concept so beautiful and into self-reflection. Waiting for y’all questions in the comment section i’m really curious to see yours LET’S CHAT DOWN BELOW

Author: marouabourni


15 thoughts on “IN 5 YEARS”

  1. Much further down the road as 56 in 2020. Have done reflecting on a year and hopes for the next year. Tend not to look too far ahead as so many friends / family lost to illness or discover they have cancer. Now I try to live in the moment more. But when I was younger I had ideas for about 5 years ahead. It’s a good idea when you still have most of your life ahead of you.

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  2. This is a wonderful idea, but for 62 year old…I just live in the moment. Same as the previous comment. When there is an opportunity I grab it and savour every experience. But if there is one question that I want to find out in 5 years’ time (my retirement age) is “Have I been able to travel back to Barcelona and see Sagrada Familia at its finishing stages”. That’s my and my husband’s plan.

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