Fake positivity or more common TOXIC POSITIVITY. SO what is toxic\fake positivity? Did you heard of the term before?

Toxic positivity is the feeling of acting cheerful or happy when you really not is that fake happiness that you say to yourself or people say to you like\Hè! JUST CHEER UP!THINGS WILL BE BETTER; DON’T WORRY………..\ but deeply inside you is a inferno you want just to cry,scream or be alone and listen to your emotions and try to find a way to your issues after listening to your emotions. The positive vibe the optimism is beautiful it helps a lot but we should not forget that we are human we are not 24\7 happy and cheerful just in 24h we facing a lot of emotions the positive and also the negative don’t let that trend of\\LET’S BE POSITIVE 24\7 HERE JUST FOR GOOD POSITIVE VIBES WE DON’T NEED ANY NEGATIVE VIBES………..\\TOXIC

3 signs of toxic positivity





HONESTLY I have no tips the thing that i have to tell to ya’ll NEVER FROM EVER ignore your emotions

when you’re not good =you’re not good

when you are good=you’re good

listen to you’re emotions and don’t feel guilty cause you’re down for a moment \\WE ARE HUMAN\\




  1. I’m so glad more people are learning what toxic positivity is. I have had more than my fair share of it. I knew one girl who sent me 50 harassing messages with toxic positivity messages before I blocked her! There never is a right way to deal with it, and some things can be borderline like someone reminding you to be grateful or something. You may need to hear that, but you may not either

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  2. I love that. I never heard of some of those terms before. Some people actually do this and forget we are human. Smh it’s sad. Well hopefully I could bring some light and motivation to you. Check out my YouTube channel sometime. I do motivation Monday and Fridays.

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  3. So glad you spoke about this. Toxic positivity is, in my opinion, worst than ignoring the problem. It’s like completely undermining your feelings and emotions. Good to know that more people are spreading awareness about this!

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  4. Never heard of toxic positivity but damn that’s real. I don’t know why social normalcy is always appeasing some sort of equilibrium that disallows us to be authentic.
    Fake positivity comes out a lot in the work environment – who wants to see their servants with misery written on their faces? Customer service is basically corporate mandated toxic positivity.

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    1. Actually I agree with each word right there if we listen to the society standards believe me we never will be ourselves and comfortable in our lives we should always follow that inner voice and listen to our emotions certainly in work is difficult cause as you said who wants to see their servent with misery witten in their faces but if we feel that we cannot continue pretending SHOULD TAKE A BREAK/ Take care/💜


      1. The key is to make a living for yourself, not pretending in order to please someone else. Not everyone can make a living doing their own thing – but that is when a boss should really encourage honesty, and not be made to feel as a servant.

        Keep your heart and soul safe out here!

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  5. This is too true! I like to think of negative emotions like pimples, and fake positivity is like trying to pop them. All it does is irritate them, making it take longer to heal! It’s better to use a spot treatment on pimples AKA it’s better to learn how to cope with sadness and anger through acknowledging the problem, while also understanding that healing takes time! 🙂

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