Realizing that an important thing that makes a human exist is disappearing

What happen to human values?

What is happening in the world?

Peace is really hard to find it in our days people hating each other and killing each other for a skin color REMINDER THAT WE ARE IN2020#blacklivesmatter. people killing each other due to political issues#prayforafrica #prayforyemen #prayforpalestine #prayforsyria\iraq ……

Mercy is dead respect is dead love is hard to find it happiness is also barely to see it people are less grateful for what they have……….. damn that post is kind a negative but i hope that this world that we live in will be a little positive and peacefull …. cause in the end of the story we are all humans so if we lost our values what makes us humans what makes our humanity “hope makes sence” so I hope for us one day we see a world full of love respect and Humanity

So I’m curious to see your thoughts in the comment section! Take care guys


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I just moved away from the US because I don’t agree with the atrocities being committed there. I can’t put my name to it and I want to be part of a country that does NOT do that sort of thing!

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  2. As a society we got lost and the values that were once uoheld faded. Failure to see oneness in allis the cause of the chaos that we see. It’s good to keep creating this awareness and reminding last we forget completely and lose ourselves entirely.

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