I think the most of y’all know the music video of CARDI B& MEGAN THEE STALLION “WAP”

“WAP” is a abbreviation of “Wet Ass Pussy ” so yeah the music video is so sexy the song can be shocking for some people but the problem is why when the same lyrics are said by a masculine rapper is that normal NO CRITICISM NOT AT ALL HYPERSEXUAL……… Just a basic example the music video of 50 CENT ” CANDY SHOP ” the meaning of ” Candy shop” is a brothel house so yeah…….

Is not just Cardi b that she is criticized like that kind a all the feminine rappers. So why when a woman wants to Express a sexual desire can be ( Trash or not) make this controversy but when is a male it’s OK that’s Normal …. I’ve never understood why the society putting that image for women like she should be “Classy, she mustn’t say bad words…” I don’t know how to explain this but I think y’all know how the society wants the women to be

So I’m waiting for you guys in the comments section to see your thoughts. I’m SOOOO CURIOUS

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17 thoughts on “THE WOMAN IS TOO VULGAR?

  1. Kudos to you for touching upon such a controversial subject and thank you for visiting and following my blog. Rappers are dark poets, thus one must separate the rap voice from the lyric writer. To focus on the rap voice, such person—no matter the gender—can not be trashy and classy. There’s no way to be both, is either one or the other. Besides, you must first respect yourself before others can respect you. Don’t portray or refer to yourself as a bitch or nigga if you don’t want to be treated like one. With that being stated, as an open minded person I believe everyone can be and do whatever they want – so far they’re not hurting anyone.

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  2. I get this.
    Men can be overtly sexual.
    It is good on them.
    Women who change this up,
    are sluts.
    As long we we,
    let them define us,
    (both men and women)
    we are lost.
    So bring on your overt female sexuality.
    It scares a lot of people,
    who like sex in the dark.

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