Lonely people

Actually I was searching online about what society thinks about lonely people and I found a barbarism things like for example lonely people can effects society negatively or lonely people have a mental health issues ,social anxiety………

The problem is that a lot of human beings don’t understand that the majority choose to be lonely being lonely is not being depressed or having a mental health issues….Nah it is sooo wrong first of all we enjoy our own company and that guys is magical we don’t need bunch of friends for being happy.

Being lonely have a lot of benefits like discover who you are couse spending too much time with yourself help you to end up being deep with yourself also being alone boosts creativity studies shoes that people are actually more likely to come up with their best ideas when they are alone, it also maintains positive relationships .

Guys literally if you are lonely and you’re afraid to show it or you find yourself weird…. Don’t worry you are normal it is not a bizzar thing to be lonely and don’t forget the best company ever it’s you’re own company SO ENJOY IT .



  1. “Lonely” doesn’t necessarily describe the state of being alone and being able to hear your own thoughts without distraction. “Lonely” is a state of wanting to connect with others, but either there are no others, which can’t be helped, or there are others who don’t necessarily know about or care to connect with you. The condition of “loneliness” is therefore defined by others.

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    1. Not necessarily some people want to be lonely or more specifically “ALONE ” they choose it and some as you said they feel loneliness and that is a big issue hopefully not much folks feel that depressed feeling


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