Actually I realized that a lot of sensitive people are too afraid to share their emotions WHY? Honestly I don’t know so if you are that type of person please share with us in the comments section why you are avoiding that magic side in your personality?

So I’m a fck sensitive person I’m that kind of people crying watching movies or sometimes without any reason but that side in my personality is my favorite and I think if you are complex about it It should be you’re favorite too you should fall in love with it cause feeling people’s emotions and you’re own emotions of course it is a gift from god. You are a healer you always want to help people that you love avoiding pain you have a big heart and don’t forget that sensitivity linked to creativity and that is just conjuring honey. So you’re not wrong or weird if you’re high sensitive or a crybaby nah it’s the opposite you have just strong self awareness, you are soo intuitive, nurturing , appreciative of the small things and the QUEEN /KING of self -care

So I hope you guys get the message and never from ever forget to fall in love with yourself cause that’s the key



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