Self discipline

A few days ago I was scrolling on Instagram

(By the way that’s my Instagram) and I found that post

So I was like dude hell yeah that’s so thrue and interesting in the same time so like usual I start asking myself that question 《WHY SELF DISCIPLINE IS THAT IMPORTANT IN OUR SUCCESS JOURNEY?》but the answer is abvious for example a basic example in school the discipline student is not the rebellious one even if the school system never from ever defines what you will be in the future but discipline helps you to focus on your goals it helps you stick to the work you want to get done also it boosts your self esteem cause success comes to those who believes in themselves and the most important thing discipline it helps you to to become the best version of yourself guys never forget that self love and self development is the key of all the doors in this universe

Learn to be disciplined, learn to believe in yourself and the most important thing learn to fall in love with yourself


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