Actually it’s been 7months that I’m journaling kind a every day sometimes I miss some days when I’m not in the mood but that’s okay I don’t take much time to came back

A lot of people say that journaling evryday can bring a lot of benefits yeah I agree 100%like what I noticed during this 7 months that I’m less anxious, mentally feeling well it’s like a therapy for me in plus of that I noticed that I’m more closely with myself

On top of all of that it provides opportunities for positive self_talk also it keeps your brain in tip top shape and it boosts the mood without forgetting how you start understand your thoughts more clearly when when you put them in a piece of paper

So if you never journal before try to start this free therapy mostly if you’re struggling with depression,anxiety or stress keep journaling it’s a great idea it will help you a lot


I also recommend for you guys that book 《365 journal prompts for self discovery 》is a good one

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