Favoris fashion week 2020

Due to this pandemic the covid_19 forced the fashion weeks (La haute couture) to leave the run ways or the podiums , so that means that fashion going digital especially with the la haute couture collections in recent times. Actually I love it soo much cause it share a magnificent creativity.

So now I’m gonna share with you 3 different collections in this fashion week that it catch my eyes.


Such a beautiful, mysterious,magic hypnotic collection, actually this is so epic,heroic. .. In my opinion this collection it just saved la haute COUTURE.


Actually this catwalk creates another viral a lot of people criticize this collection but personally I’m in love with it.we celebrating love with jacquemus “L’amour summer 2021”


So Dior supported the local artisans who worked on this project. I’m in love with this idea

So we can find in this collection the SADDLE BAG ,and (Le blé à la côte )

That it have a beautiful signification that the ear of wheat ( l’epis du blé) was the lucky charm of Monsieur Dior. I’m just in love with this collection specially the little story of le blé à la côte.

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