The Animals

Certainly the human has created a lot of things but is also the cause of the disappearance of certain animals. I made my researchers and I found a lot of animals disappears like “Glaucus” or this three examples that I wanna talk about it now.

ATLAS BEAR:he is a African bear from Atlas (Morocco to Libya) the animal is inexist now when the firearms developed people hunting them for the collection, sealed their fate…… so the animal being taken away cause they be unable to reproduce (human mistake)

JAVAN TIGER: a Panthera( Tigris sondaica )wich lived in the Indonesian island of java.Related human activity in the 20th century the tiger hunted and killed by the local population……(also our mistake)

JAVAN RUSA: one of my favorite animals is a deer native to the islands of Indonesia also he is disappear causes by human HUNTING them for no reason in my opinion.

I’m not vegetarian or vegan but we should change this FUCKING barbarous and caring about our animals and the environment. Just let’s imagine a world without animals and let’s see how much we need them actually without animals in the earth the human don’t have any luck to survive but against without human in the earth the animals have all the luck for live their best life.

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